How come my Airsoft gun won’t shoot single shot?

When i set it to single it shoots automatic. The pinion gear is a bit worn from when I messed around with it, but i just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the gear box. If anyone can help could you tell me where i can buy a part to fix my problem and how to fix it? Thank you! Oh and by the way I have a Jing Gong M4-F model AEG. 380 fps mmhmmm. Also is there an easy way to up the fps and/or accuracy? Thanks!

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2 Responses to How come my Airsoft gun won’t shoot single shot?

  1. flyinggoldfish says:

    New spring for the power, new tightbore barrel and hopup for accuracy.

    As to why it’s not firing on semi…

    There’s two likely sources of this problem, the selector plate (the rectangular-ish sliding plastic plate on the side of the gearbox or the semi auto cutoff lever with which it engages.

    When you select semi auto, the plate engages the cutoff lever and pushes it to prevent the gearbox cycling, if either of these parts is damaged (or if the cutoff lever is missing entirely) this is likely the cause of your problem. The cutoff lever is the most likely cause as these tend to wear out over time.

    The cutoff lever inside the box:

  2. Ðemetri says:

    As for fps & accuracy, drop in a larger spring and a tightbore, and metal gears & brushings if it doesn’t have them already.

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