What happens if i shoot someone with my Airsoft Gun?

I think it is 200fps, it might be crap but i just have it for fun. So my freind wants to be shot by my 220 fps airsoft gun from a reasonable distance (idk why) but i want to make sure he doesnt get hurt. What would happen if shot him with clothes on, on his body.


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4 Responses to What happens if i shoot someone with my Airsoft Gun?

  1. shaunrex says:

    Ill tell you from my experience,

    it will not go into him. it will leave a welt, but it depends on the distance at which you shoots him. I shot myself with a 200 fps pistol at my hand at point blank and it left a blood blister. Not anything serious, but painful for like 5 min.

    Now the guns that shoot into the 400 fps’s can make you bleed easily. they hurt very bad. i don’t like people playing with those. however, any actual airsoft gun that shoots plastic bb’s will not go into your skin and get stuck. so don’t worry about that type of penetration. Just wear eye protection, or even better a face mask. the bb’s can chip teeth.

  2. jordynn says:

    he would be fine, it won’t even break the skin unless you are right up close when you shoot him.

  3. popcorn678 says:

    probably a small welt dosent hurt that bad for 200.

  4. Adam L says:

    with that amount of power, you could stand 5cm away and fire full auto at his temple and he would be totally fine!
    It would hurt a tiny bit if it hit the skin, though anywhere else, and he may not even notice it!

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