Best electric airsoft rifle for under $125? (around $100 is even better)?

I’m looking for one for my son and I don’t know all the brands, but it looks like Echo 1 is good quality?
I’m thinking I want metal gears and at least 350fps.
Anything else I should look for?
Is it better to order online or buy from a place like Academy or Dick’s?
Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Best electric airsoft rifle for under $125? (around $100 is even better)?

  1. RyanKiz10 says:

    I would suggest you buy a JG G36C. It goes for $125 at ASGI and is the perfect beginner/intermediate gun. I used to have one. Well, actually I still have it. I just upgraded to a new gun. My point is, that it will last a while. I’ve never had any problems with mine. I love it. Although JG is a China made, mid priced brand, their G36 is amazing. It fits under all of your criteria and is the best gun for $125. These aren’t even my words too. If you look at the online reviews, you’ll hear the same thing. To answer your other questions, stores like Dicks sell sell overpriced, cheap guns. And you may think, "Oh $80! What a great price." but it’s still overpriced. Those guns will break after 3 months. I’ve had my G36 for 2 years. I’m going to give you a link to From my experience, they are the best site out there. Oh, and just to warn you, Echo 1 does not manufacture any guns. They buy guns from other brands including JG and sell it for a higher price. The only reason they’re still in business, is because people like you, who are novices and new to airsoft think its better just because it’s priced more. I don’t mean to insult you or call you stupid, I’m just telling you the truth. Hope it helped.

  2. Trey B says:
    normally people use a m4 carbine style gun. i would look for a aeg. and find a 350 fps like you said if he is playing serious. i would go for a m4 or m16 style for accuracy. tokyo marui is a great brand for amazing guns. i would not go for a uzi. mp5. or any submachine gun go for a assault. a fal style is great for accuracy but low on rate of fire.

  3. Jeronimo Joe says:

    This one is great, a little bit over the price range that you’re looking at but still really great. It has a full metal gear box and an fps of 360.

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