Airsoft: Ghost Impression Loadout

Me and my Ghost Impression Loadout Statistics Condor Soft Shell Jacket Foliage Green -80$ Condor Spec Ops Plate Carrier -30$ Condor AK Mag Pouches 3x – 24$ Condor Fast Draw Holster *RIght Side* Multicam -25$ Condor Multicam Leg Rig – 21$ ??? Coyote Brown Dump Pouch – 10-20$ Schampa Skull Balaclava- 18$ Condor Admin Pouch-15-18$ Alta Superflex Kneepads-20$ Matrix Black Hard Knuckle Gloves- 25$ PROFORCE Olive Drab Shemagh – 9.99$ ??? Black Combat Boots – 30$ Condor Olive Drab Hydration Carrier – 25$ 2x Olive Drab UK Patches – 5.00$ Total (2.50$ each) ^ (Black works better but I only found them overseas) Weapon Statistics G&G GR-16A2 Carbine -250$ JBU Mock Suppresor/Silencer-60$ ??? Foregrip-5-15$ A&K RIS Platform-20$ Leapers 4×32-45$ ??? Battery Box 8.4v 1500 (Bult in Battery)- 25$ Internal Statistics SRC High Torque Up Motor- 45$ 6.03 407mm Prometheus Inner barrel-45$ Deep Fire Titanium COATED Piston-25$ Systema Duracon Piston Head-20$

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16 Responses to Airsoft: Ghost Impression Loadout

  1. BOBCAT024 says:

    they had the chest rig on ebairsoft and TRIAD represent

  2. metallica4everrr says:


  3. KuichikiByakuya says:

    @BOBCAT024 Its similar but Its not it, the TF141 Chest Rig has some kind of Dual X-Harness with Molle on the harnesses in the back and on the straps.

    And to other viewers
    The TF141 jacket was custom made in real life by ebairsoft although it was in limited supply and its sold out as of now.

  4. S0CAL858 says:

    Not bad, but it looks like you need to police your loose straps.

  5. KuichikiByakuya says:

    @S0CAL858 I’m a small guy so tightening the straps was a hassle, believe me i was doing it for hours lol.

  6. SEALTEAMxxReapers says:

    @KuichikiByakuya Just to add my two cents, Condoroutdoor makes the EXACT chest rig he wears in the woodland theme, which is what your doing. That TF141 jacket was cool that it was a replica,,,,but they were crap they were not well made and the stiching comes apart after 2 games.

  7. KuichikiByakuya says:

    @SEALTEAMxxReapers: I went to the Condor Website but I have yet to find a rig that is completely matching to the one he wears in loose ends. It has some kind of weird double X-Harness and a small molle panel in the back. it also has molle around the sides of it, kind of like a battle belt but attached to the rig and higher up. Care to share a link?

  8. orchimaru123 says:

    what accesories you got on ur g&g

  9. orchimaru123 says:

    hey howd you get the g&g rewired to the front mines is in the crane stock

  10. KuichikiByakuya says:

    6.03mm Prometheus Tight Bore
    Deepfire Titanium Coated Piston
    Systema Duracon Piston Head
    Systema Drop in Gear Box
    Custom Wiring
    M110 Spring
    G&G Stock A2 Upper Receiver
    A&K RIS
    ??? Brand Battery Box (Built in Battery)
    JBU Mock Suppressor
    Leapers 4×32 Scope
    King Arms (I think) Foregrip

  11. KuichikiByakuya says:

    @orchimaru123 Mine came Front-Wired, you probably just have the crane stock version.

  12. RECONGHOST113 says:

    i’m a big ghost fan and you got the one and most important thing wrong his balacava i hate those bright has one that everyone wears look for ballys balacavas those are the best balacavas for the loadout at the momment besides getting a plain one professionally airbrushed.

  13. KuichikiByakuya says:

    @RECONGHOST113 Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to pay for a professional airbrusher. I did look at the Bally’s skull balaclava before I but the Schampa. IMO the picture they posted looked like the balaclava is too dirty and roughed up. Although I will agree the basic design looks more like Ghost’s. But Ghost’s is a bit tan in colour. He actually has two balclavas the black one for the Gulag and TOEDWY (Seal Mission) and a Grey Skull balaclava for the rest.

  14. XsStrongX says:

    @RECONGHOST113 i bought the red ,red,green bally balacava

  15. djbutipower says:

    what color is the plate carrier

  16. KuichikiByakuya says:

    @djbutipower Coyote Brown, albeit its a replica so the color is a bit off.

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