How much do airsoft guns hurt?

I’ve played paintball a few times, and it hurt getting shot at from about 30 ft in the behind. I was just wondering if non-walmart guns hurt much more if I was wearing full clothing and a jacket. Give me a general statement, overall.

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6 Responses to How much do airsoft guns hurt?

  1. Max says:

    in general, its like being flicked

  2. Will says:

    Your serious? They feel like you had a pea thrown at you. The only time they actually hurt is if it hits you in the face. And that doesn’t even deserve an ‘Ow’

  3. Lucas Fish says:

    depends on the strength of the gun but airsoft tends to hurt more because it has a smaller surface area so all of the impact is on a tiny spot. with a non-skintight jacket though it should hurt very little.

  4. Phyxsion Noisxyhp says:

    Depends on the gun, the thickness of the clothing and jacket, and the distance. I’ve been shot with an airsoft gun chronoed close to 800 FPS with full protective clothing from 50 feet, and it hurt.
    The same can be said with paintball. A lot of people think that just because airsoft has the name "air soft" that it doesn’t hurt. But just like paintball, it just depends.

  5. Tucker says:

    most guns just feel like a small bee sting the high end guns tend to hurt alittle more

  6. Joel Koehler says:

    if your wearing a thick coat you cant feel it at all, but if not it feels like a bee sting

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