What airsoft gear needed for a war?

I wanted to know what airsoft gear is NEEDED for a war.
ppl to play with

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5 Responses to What airsoft gear needed for a war?

  1. Donkey says:

    Tac vest ,boots ,extra magazines ,camo jacket and camo pants the optional stuff is a baseball cup (if you dont want to get shot down inn ur balls) a neck protector and a gas pistol and thats about it

  2. tony says:

    ghillie look it up in google camo scopes and backpacks

  3. SouthParkFan says:

    Tactical vest, pants, boots, extra magazines.

    A vest can really help out with placing your mags, so it’s necessary if you wish to remain in the game for extended periods of time. Next, pants. Do you really want to run around in sweatpants or jeans? Boots. You need ‘em for protecting your feet and for climbing over obstacles. Extra magazines. It’s a good idea to stock up on mags if you know you’re going to shoot a lot.

  4. Mcstudent says:

    looks like you got the basics down but you might want to also get a small med kit (never know when accidents might happen) and some proper attire like boots, tac vest, team uniform (dress like your teammates so they don’t shoot you by accident) but most importantly you need a bad ass attitude.

  5. Tomato 57 says:

    Do you mean like in the woods with your buddies or at an organized event. I just play with my friends in the woods. I usually wear jeans or camo pants with a hoodie or jacket. I find it most important to wear two layers of pants and a hat under your mask. You don’t need any vests or special stuff like that. Footwear is up to you. Boots are slower and protect you more. Cleats/tennis shoes are faster and hurt more if you get shot there, but you normally don’t get shot in the foot.

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