Navy Seal Loadout (Airsoft)

US Navy Seal Loadout. the seal loadout is not a CURRENT KIT. it needs more gear and stuff and i will make a current one in a few months or so.

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    21 Responses to Navy Seal Loadout (Airsoft)

    1. eminempkr says:


    2. richardvinc says:

      where did you get your smoke cylinder pouch in your back??

    3. TeamRicochet12 says:

      well, man, the SEALs pretty much run different gear from team to team, area to area. basically, there’s a few things that make up a SEAL or Green Geret load. 1) high speed helmet. like a MICH 2002, not a PASGT. 2) non-branch camo (DCU, AOR1, multicam, ATACs), as opposed to ABU, UCP, MARPAT, or Navy Type II or III. and 3) a high speed weapon (retractible stocks, multiple attachements). that’s it, really. you just gotta look more high tech than a regular douche (like me, lol)

    4. EastEndAirsoft says:

      hoo rah

    5. RicoMxZ says:

      you look ready to go for war :) 

    6. clayton819ify says:

      @ EastEndAirsoft what type of eotech do you have on your gun?

    7. 16acog says:

      but really seals can wear basicly what ever they want if the stuff they get from the amory isnt good enough they go get new stuff, like for instants in the book amarican sniper aka chris kyles book, he said he didnt like the sig 226 soo he went out and bought a 1911

    8. pbexpert says:

      its not like they can just do that whenever they want though, hey fill out alot of paper work and have to have it approved first before they are allowed to use it, there gear has to stay locked with their position on the team and the gear they need to always carry

    9. pbexpert says:

      the pouch on the back of the helmet is a chemlight strobe for view in infared vision, used to identify friendlies in a combat situation

    10. CRDfireteamBRAVO says:

      Nice kit. If you do wanna be more current with the kit without spending $800+ on AOR1 I’d say atleast get a LBT 6094 and an opscore helmet. Seals really didn’t even field the IBH. It was basically a project helmet. They only made about 800 and then scrapped the project. But all in all I think it looks cool.

    11. funnyprankstere5 says:

      i bet that would cost all togather about $3500

    12. Tony10Mack says:

      Nobody has a clue what current SEALS wear into combat. Tards.

    13. trianglechoke101 says:

      @Tony10Mack lol

    14. trianglechoke101 says:

      of all the ones i saw i like this loadout best

    15. xgeneralzimx says:

      I beg to differ. Go on Gearsoc and find their SEAL / NSW thread. Everybody in that thread can identify just about anything that a SEAL / NSW operator is wearing in a picture.

    16. bandosvids says:

      whould a seal usr the mp5 w/ stock?

    17. BlackWolfAirsoft3 says:

      dude why dont you seriously, instead of trolling on airsoft videos

    18. davidrobarge says:

      Not sure what that means broha, but sorry for hating on you if you’re into this sort of thing. I see a lot of wasted time, energy, and money that could be directed at doing the real thing. I suppose this is a hobby I just don’t understand I’m afraid.

    19. Mark Neil Natividad says:

      Wow, you mustve spent a butload of money

    20. DustyMonkeyCrew says:

      for accuracy of the kit ware your watch upside down. one of the combat rules is nothing reflective you dont want glints giving away your teams location other than that awesome kit

    21. nik kelly says:

      on my last deploment i had the honor to work with a famous seal (chris kyle) and this “kit” is damn near perfect

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