7 Best Airsoft Gloves Reviewed: Tactical Gloves for Airsoft

For the best protection when playing airsoft or paintball, you should be wearing gloves. However, there are a lot of different gloves on the market and it can be hard to decide which ones are best for you. That’s why we’ve put together this article about 7 best airsoft gloves: A buyer’s guide!

In order to find the best quality glove, there are several things you should know about first. What material is your preferred glove made from? Do they have padding that will protect your hands and trigger finger, thumb? How many fingers do they come in?

We’ll cover these topics more below so you can make an educated decision on which gloves best suits you, before buying any gloves!

Do you need gloves for airsoft?

You should ne wearing airsoft gloves especially if you’re playing airsoft outdoor. Well, you will need a pair of gloves in close quarter combat even more. Airsoft guns only shoot at 300- to 500-feet per second, so packing around a glove protect you from the unnecessary pain.

The gloves are essential because they provide cushioning to one’s hands when holding the gun and avoiding pain or discomfort in the process. Not only do they lessen strain on one’s grip, but they also provide protection from abrasion and ointment against blood-borne pathogens that may seep out during a game.

1) Mechanix Wear: The Original Covert Tactical Work Gloves (Small, All Black)

The best work gloves in the world are crafted for the toughest jobs and of course play airsoft and paintball. With these Mechanix Wear Gloves you can do all of your dirty work without worrying about sacrificing comfort. These tough yet soft gloves have a form fitting TrekDry material that makes sure hands stay dry and cool and an elastic closure with hook and loop that ensures fit.

When it comes to durability, few products can match Mechanix Wear’s Tactical Gloves. With a tough synthetic leather pam, exterior, these gloves have been designed for readiness in any situation. They’re resistant to water and dirt, and the reinforced thumb will make sure that your touch screen device is well taken care of. In addition to all this they’ve included special nylon loops so you can sling them around your belt while playing airsoft! Mechanix design for versatility and comfort in every pursuit.

Black Mechanix Original Covert Tactical Work Gloves are not just your average pair of work gloves. With their tough leather palms and fingers, you’ll be able to perform jobs that require less abrasion resistance. Whether you’re in the military or law enforcement, or a devoted shooting sports participant, these tactical gloves will make all the difference.

Touch screen tactical gloves

2) WTACTFUL Touch Screen Army Military Tactical Full Finger Gloves for Motorcycle Motorbike Hunting

With these gloves, you won’t have to worry about breaking your fingers when reloading magazines. No more cold hands. These gloves are specially designed for the infantry, but they are perfect for hunting, gardening, and even shooting hoops at the park (or on a gun range).

With their long length and thermal rubber protection inside the glove that is resistant to abrasions from impact-loading ammunition into bullets in rifle magazines you’ll never feel so confident in your game again with these stylish tactical touch-screen army tactical full finger gloves!

The WTACTFUL Touch Screen Army Tactical Full Finger Gloves are made of Durable Microfiber Artificial Leather and breathable stretch nylon material. These gloves protect your hands, and give you touchscreen capability while keeping your fingers free for texting. Plus impressive design and superior comfort features makes this the perfect tactical glove.

3) First Tactical Men’s Lightweight Patrol Glove | Skin Tight Goatskin Palm with Touchscreen Capability

These lightweight Patrol Gloves from First Tactical will keep your hands nice and warm during this winter season! Deceptively thin, these gloves provide the perfect snug fit that hugs your hand for a tight second skin feel with unsurpassed performance. Made of snagproof stretch woven material, these gloves offer you resilience so you can shoot through anything life throws at you.

The u-shaped gusset provides greater dexterity and enables easy reloading on AR platform rifles; seamless wrap around fits let you snap off rounds without hesitation or interruption in form as well as function.

Durable stretch materials provide a snug fit for an excellent feel. 

Designed especially to make shooting activities easier, the Patrol glove has a U-shaped fold between the trigger finger and thumb seam that provides enhanced convenience and performance while shooting and pulling the trigger. 

4) AXBXCX Breathable Flexible Touch Screen Full Finger Motorcycles Gloves

For an adventurous airsoft match, a pair of AXBXCX breathable flexible touchscreen gloves are a must-have. Form-fitting polyester mesh material helps keep hands flexible and comfortable while also saving your breath.

Microfiber material perforation design with palm reinforcement offers additional durability for an adventure like no other. This touchscreen is capable of doing many tasks because the area of our finger that can touch the screen and the trigger is right on our fingertips. So no worries pulling trigger, by your index finger.

The touch screen gloves are made with a super stretchy and breathable material that keeps you cool, your phone safe from dangerous scratches and dings, and you in control whether on the hunt for the perfect song or responding to a text.

Whether you’re an iPhone person or not, these gloves make it easier than ever to use your device. The gloves have full-punched microfiber mesh that helps keep your hands cool when riding on those frigid winter mornings. They also come in XS (6.30-7.09 inch), S (7.48-7.87 inch), M (8.27-8.66 inch), L (9.06-9.45 inch)& XL

Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

5) HIKEMAN Tactical Army Military Gloves Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Full Finger Touch Screen Gloves

Protect both of your hands and fingers with the HIKEMAN Tactical Army Airsoft Gloves. These gloves are breathable comfort, they’re durable enough to protect you from accidents such as abrasion or scratching. This 2-layer style has an anti-skid design for enhanced grip while giving your fingers an added touch of breathability (even during humid or cold days).

What’s more is these specialized army gloves have reinforced palms and knuckle padding, dual layer of stitching on starting seams for a little extra wear and tear security! They feature ergonomic fingerless design making it possible to do work without taking them off. 

It also features a dual-layer synthetic leather palm that grips firmly without slipping thanks to the anti-skid surface on the palms, knuckle padding for all around protection, reinforced palm areas with double stitching on both sides of the fingers for security.

6) REETOO Knuckle Protection Tactical Gloves Leather Palm Motorcycle Gloves

The FREETOO airsoft Tactical Leather Gloves are a great way to protect your hands while having the best possible grip. The gloves come with strong knuckle protection and have maximum hand protection due to the PC back and high elastic mesh cloth. This feature will keep your hands cool when you are in an airsoft game.

Now you’ll never have sore fingers from excessive pulling on strings while wearing these gloves! The easy-on/off feature makes this glove easy to use when you need them on quickly, but just as easily removed when not needed, thanks in part to its anti-slip resistant leather. The leather palm makes it really comfortable.

These gloves offer you better grip when doing tough tasks like working on your bike. With an adjustable velcro that can be worn for a tight or loose fit depending on your needs. These gloves are made from anti-slip and wear-resistant PU coated leather, so they won’t tear easily. Neither will they slip easily.

When it comes time to take off these black tactical gloves, just pull out the velcro strap and remove them with ease!

7) KEMIMOTO tactical gloves touch screen gloves

The KEMIMOTO Airsoft Gloves are truly one-of-a-kind. They have convenient touch screen material and an air ventilation hole system for easy breathability so you can shoot all day without feeling the high heat of summer. They created these gloves to offer increased cushioning and protection while still optimizing comfort in any tactical situation. They’re designed with double-stitch seams for durability.

The middle fingers of the index finger and thumb are made from touchscreen material for quick access to your shooting app on your phone so you can call your family after a raid. And obviously pulling the trigger using the index finger will be a lot easier for this.

They have a 360 days refund/ replacement policy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase of this product, then they will happily refund or replace it.

8) PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) – a tactical

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves are the perfect performance gloves for any and every Airsoft player. They’re lightweight, soft, durable, protective of your skin which allows you to shoot without worry about tugging on a zipper or dressing gloves inside-out because they’ve got layers in disarray!

The glove’s hook and loop closure is easy to put on with one hand while still remaining secure for all types of weapons handling making them not only practical but stylish as well! That’s they used neoprene lined nylon fabric.

It doesn’t matter if it rains out there. With these conductive material fingertips for thumb and trigger finger, you’ll be able to fire accurately while feeling uninhibited by all that

9) TAC9ER Kevlar lined tactical gloves

Providing the most protection in a case-hardened weave for ultimate durability and comfort, TAC9ER gloves are a versatile gear option for heavy use. Driven by a design team with military backgrounds in special operations forces and tactical consultation (TAC9M), we’ve created one of the strongest heated gloves on the market.

Utilizing Kevlar insulation to protect against sharp objects like rocks or sticks, these outdoor/winter sports/hunting gloves come heat-resistant but not fireproof nor puncture proof. The black Neoprene construction provides warmth without creases or folds. These gloves are breathable and flexible.

This is an excellent pair of gloves for multi-functional use as an everyday glove or doing various activities during temperate seasons throughout North America including hiking, mountain climbing, cycling. It is available in three sizes: medium (3.00″-3.50″), large (3.51″-3.80″), and X-large (4.21″-4.41″). 

10) Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Men’s Tactical Military Gloves

Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Men’s Tactical Gloves have everything you need to protect the hands from obstacles and rough terrain! Made from durable, faux leather with a snug fit, these gloves provide stability as well as light protection for the back of the hand against bumps when traversing around town or through forest trails.

These tactical gloves are the perfect companion for your next outdoor excursion, providing heat resistance and TPR wrist closure to guard against the elements. Soft, seamless 0.8 synthetic leather comes directly over your fingertips on fingerless gloves, with a thin thermoplastic rubber sheet just below that for added protection.

These tactical gloves provide wondrous grip by extended palm padding made from seam-free leather materials! My favorite feature? The temperature regulating thermoplastic rubber that prevents blisters and protects my palms against abrasion due to slippery conditions faced in-store or while working on projects at home!

11) Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger/Fingerless Gloves 

These camo gloves are perfect for airsoft, paintball, hunting, wildlife photography, birdwatching or fishing. The fingerless design lets your hands work freely and without taking off a glove! They’re made of quality materials for comfort during extended wear. 

The silicone palm sections prevent slipping on surfaces so you can feel secure with everything. These gloves are the most versatile there is – they’ll keep your hands warm in the cold while still allowing you to shoot straight when it’s time to take game home!

Hunters started using camouflage clothing to blend into the environment way back in time. And camo gear is just as effective today. These gloves are perfect for an airsoft game because they’re lightweight enough to allow you to shoot accurately without hand protection but also thick enough so that BB’s can’t pierce through it.

Airsofters’ hands are exposed from all angles. It puts them at risk of injury while hunting your opponent down. With a set of camouflage gloves on hand, regular woods seem like murky jungles with every movement hidden by fake leaves made out of soft fleece fabric!

12) Glove Station The Combat Fingerless Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves

The Glove Station is a cloth glove with the toughness of military grade tactical gloves. Reinforced knuckle molding means you’ll have maximum protection without sacrificing dexterity and mobility, especially in cold weather. Especially when high levels of manual dexterity are needed. Double-stitch seams means durability and longevity under any condition won’t be an issue for these gloves. 

Pu leather palms and fingers make sure that these patented fingerless combat gloves will stay flexible enough to keep up with even your most demanding tasks in cool conditions. And it will help retain warmth in cold weather or wet environments. Whether fighting off zombies on patrol duty or just shoveling snow, The Glove Station is there as a dependable companion for anything you’re doing this winter season.

If you’re always in the outdoors sports, then this glove is for you. The Glove Station Combat Fingerless Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Gloves are perfect for all your needs of a reliable and high quality tactical work glove. Faux Leather and Rubber are the material used to make these gloves.

This product includes padded mesh and rubber Aero vents on the back to increase air flow for faster heat dissipation, half finger design enhance grip, no-worry lifetime warranty!

Kids Airsoft Gloves

Children Cycling Fingerless Gloves Breathable Half Finger Non-Slip Shock-Absorbing Kids Bike Riding Gloves

Don’t let little your kids go out in the airsoft field without these gloves! Made with elastic and breathable material for easy use. They are a great fashion accessory to match any outfit. Make sure they wear them whenever they’re outside because it’s cold-proof and protects their hands from damage.

These gloves also have helpful straps that make it easier to pull on. Whether you want to be a superhero or princess, these children’s cycling fingerless airsoft gloves are perfect for all of their adventures!

Say goodbye to having smelly, hot hands and greasy palms with these cycling gloves for kids. Made of a breathable, water resistant Spandex material with silicone palm protection that offers maximum sweat absorption and anti-slip properties in any conditions.

The gloves are stretchy enough, so they will not bother them on the bicycle handlebars. With unisex sizing and one size fits all we can be sure that these highly functional gloves will suit any budding biking child from preschooler to teen.

Not only does this product help guarantee optimum grip on the bike’s handlebars, but it also provides insulation during colder months of riding while keeping their finger free of ice or hazardous contact points when exploring outdoor terrains. The material used to make these gloves are Spandex and Silicone.

So what are the best tactical gloves?

Mechanix Wear: The Original Covert Tactical Gloves are the best gloves for airsoft. I am not saying, the other pairs are not good in any way. Each and every pair here can be a fantastic option for you.

However Mechanix tactical gloves are simply the best when it comes to protecting your wrist, palm, knuckle and do so comfortably.

Buying Guide

We will tell you why you need airsoft gloves, and how should you choose which one to buy? Meaning, the things you should keep in mind while buying a pair of gloves.

Why should you wear gloves?

It will help protect your finger and hands from injuries. The glove will enable a better grip on the rifle’s pistol grip which may make for more accurate shooting. 

A hard contact could cause pain to spread beyond the point of contact because of how little padding airsoft rifles have. It is possible that an unprotected hand could be hit enough times in such a way that without protection can lead to damage. So this is why you need airsoft gloves.

How do I choose the right tactical gloves?

Before choosing the right tactical gloves for your airsoft you should definitely look for these qualities in a pair of airsoft gloves.


Tactical gloves should last a long time, even if you are wearing that regularly. They are best when made with durable materials such as leather or canvas.

The best tactical gloves will be thicker, providing more padding for your hands while protecting them from the hard contact of an airsoft rifle’s pistol grip and trigger guard if you have to fire it in close quarters combat (CQB). This is because CQB can lead to unintentional shots being fired at point-blank range which may cause hand injuries without proper protection like thick padded gloves.

Protection level

The best tactical gloves with the right protection level will help to keep you from getting injured. There are many different types of tactical gloves out there, but each one is designed for a specific job and level of protection.

Size and fit

The things you should notice while buying a pair of gloves for airsoft include the grip protection, and sizing.

It will help protect your fingers and hands from injuries. The glove will enable a better grip on the rifle’s pistol grip which may make for more accurate shooting. 

A hard contact could cause pain to spread beyond the point of contact because of how little padding airsoft rifles have. It is possible that an unprotected hand could be hit enough times in such a way that without protection can lead to damage. So this is why you need airsoft gloves.


Best features to look out for when picking out airsoft gloves include elastic palm grips and finger loops. These small additions help keep fingers in place making it easier to shoot accurately with less movement of the hand inside the glove. Obviously there are other features to look for, but these are the ones you should look for the most.


The best gloves are not expensive because they do the job well, so try them on before purchasing if there are different price ranges.

What gloves do the military use?

The military uses many kinds of gloves during a range of activities, but the two most popular types are leather work gloves and Neoprene seaman’s glove.

Can you use airsoft gloves in paintball?

Airsoft gloves can indeed be used in paintball, but they must not have any holes or mesh fabric to prevent the paintballs from getting stuck in the gloves.


Conclusion paragraph: For the best in protection and dexterity, we recommend Mechanix Wear Covert Tactical Work Gloves. These gloves are not only durable for long-lasting use but also have a sleek design which will help you remain stealthy on the battlefield. If you’re looking to take your game up another level with specialized airsoft gear then these tactical gloves from Mechanix wear should be at the top of your list!

So, these are the best gloves for airsoft according to us.

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