Hit Your Mark! 7 best Airsoft Tracer Units in 2022

Best Airsoft Tracer Units allow you to fire your gun far away so that the enemy knows where to shoot. Best Airsoft Tracer Units are a sight for sore eyes when firing at night. Best Airsoft tracers also increase accuracy and let you know if you have hit or not. They are essential for mid-range shooting in low light conditions as well as long-range shooting (100-150 ft). They can be used on just about every type of airsoft gun such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles and sub machine guns.

The Best Airsoft Tracer Units help you hit your mark when playing or practicing. It can be a difficult task to aim at targets in the dark and this requires illumination so that one can see where the bullet hits.

What you’ll get in this post

Here is our list of Best Airsoft Tracer Units. We will tell you the key features, if they come with aa batteries or aaa batteries, if its rechargeable battery or not, what color tracer bbs they shoot. And choose the best one from them and what makes that the best tracer unit.

What is an Airsoft Tracer Unit?

Airsoft tracer units are devices which, when activated, give off a high intensity brightly reflective light for a short period of time.

The purpose is to allow you to see where your shots are going so that you can adjust your aim accordingly. Airsoft markers operate at fairly low FPS so it’s important to make sure that the BBs are flying precisely in the general direction of the target. 

A sniper using an airsoft rifle with night-vision goggles has a difficult shot and must account for bullet drop but can’t use their laser pointer device because it might give away his position.

Why should I use an Airsoft Tracer?

Tracers allow your Airsoft BBs to be seen in the air and ground, and most people use them during night games. Airsoft tracers are also used by snipers for long-distance shooting because they can watch the trajectory of their shots since they have a visual low battery indicator that lets them know where their BBs land.

Visibility and Accuracy

The visibility of an Airsoft tracer is key to making it both accurate and effective. One way that these pellet rounds work is with an insert in the projectile head that emits specific light when it’s fired. These pellets will then travel through the air leaving a glowing red trail along its path until it hits something like terrain or another player. This makes targeting easy, even if you can’t actually see your target directly.

Best Airsoft Tracer Units
Best Airsoft Tracer Units

7 Best Airsoft Tracer Unit

1) ACETECH Lighter BT Airsoft Gun 14 mm/11 mm Pistol Tracer Unit/Chronograph Glow in Dark

The Lighter BT Airsoft Gun 14 mm/11 mm Pistol Tracer Unit is the perfect combination of performance and convenience. It supports red and green luminous bullets, up to 35PRS and a battery life that lasts over 22000 rounds on a single charge. A free app is provided for both iOS and Android devices which allows you to turn the device into a chronograph scout or gun light.

The electronics are FCC, CE, ROHS compliant in order to ensure safety standards are followed- no matter where you’re playing! Stop waiting for your opponents- be prepared with the new Red ACETECH Airsoft Gun Glow 14 mm/11 mm Pistol Tracer Unit today.

2) ACETECH Airsoft Gun 14 mm AT1000 Tactical Tracer Unit Glow in Dark

The ACETECH Airsoft Guns 14 mm AT1000 Tactical Tracer Unit Glow in Dark is the brightest green BB tracer unit in the world. It can fit on rifles like M4, M416, AK47, MP7 and MP9. However, it can also be used on rifles and pistols.

Thanks to its sustained ROF up to 1800 RPM, these batteries last for 20,000 rounds before replacement or you can use 4 eneloop AAA batteries that last for 100,000 rounds. These are rechargeable batteries, so as soon as the charge went down, you can just charge them back. These tracers are both FCC compliant and CE certified making them perfect for airsoft with serious battles.

3) ACETECH Airsoft Gun 14mm CCW Lighter Pistol Tracer Unit Glow in Dark (No Sheath)

The Acetech Airsoft 14 mm CCW Lighter Pistol Tracer Unit Glow in Dark is a light, reliable, and accurate pistol for airsoft players. The product features include: a 30 prs capability; a green or red tracer BB’s options from the lighter; and support for the M14 CCW adapter or the M11 CW adapter. With this kind of reliability, there’ll be no problem taking down your enemies!

Bring the battlefield right into your backyard! Use this realistic Airsoft pistol tracer to fire up green and red BBs at night under a full moon.

4) ACETECH-Predator L- Tactical Tracer Unit,M14+- CW and CCW (Supports Both Red & Green BBS) fit for Rifle

This tracer unit is perfect for any scenario. Thanks to our nifty power indicator, you’ll know if you’re ACETECH-Predator L- Tactical Tracer Unit will live to battle another day or not. Now that’s handy! With a double thread feature- M14 CW and M14CCW on each side.

It supports for both green and red luminous bullets of different colors. This Tracer Unit is sure to be the talk of any game at night.

With an At2000R module can be used with silencer and 10440 Li-ion battery included with a 3-month warranty, this unit will not fail you on your next mission. The FCC, CE, ROHS compliant design makes sure to conform to all safety standards in production and use.

The low battery indicator of this tracer unit is pretty convenient. How is that?

Well, the green light indicates that the tracer has higher power left in it, and the orange light means it has medium power. And if it is showing the red color, that’s a low battery indicator.

5) ACETECH Predator S R Airsoft Gun 14mm CCW Tactical Tracer Unit Glow in Dark (Support Red & Green BBS)

Acetech Predator S R Airsoft 14 mm CCW Tactical Tracer Unit Glow in Dark. The ACETECH’s latest invention is a combination of realism and power with the law full customization to suit your needs. Supporting up to 30 PRS, no light decaying, missing lighting, you’ll never lose sight of what’s going on.

Use rechargeable battery for operational convenience that lasts hours without the need for charging. Feel safe knowing this unit also complies with FCC, CE, and ROHS regulations so you know it’s safe too! Support Green tracer bbs and Red luminous bbs which can be changed out on the fly at any time when they are available (sold separately).

6) Valken Kilo 14 mm Airsoft Gun Tracer Unit

No matter what airsoft rifle or pistol you’re using, the high-powered Valken Kilo 14 mm Airsoft Tracer Unit is a good choice for you if you are searching for a tracer unit.  The barrel mounted tracer unit mounts to 14 mm CCW barrels (male rifle barrel) and 11 mm CW female pistol barrel with included adapters for ease of installation on your favorite gun.

Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery USB charging cable included so there’s no need to worry about constantly replacing batteries as you play. Simply charge up the tracer unit before your game with the included cable. It will last up to 10 hours of solid games!

You can fire roughly 22000 rounds of airsoft bbs. The BB diameter is 67.3 mm long x 27 mm.

7) DoxiGlobal Mini Simulated Spitfire Tracer Unit Lighter S Tactical Airsoft Automatic Gun Pistol Light BBS Glow in The Dark 

This tiny, but powerful tactical lighter is the perfect addition to any military surplus detector. With a lightweight design and aluminum alloy shell you can start a fire anywhere in just seconds.

Rather than having to deal with pesky lighters that are hard to carry around when detecting, this one has a built-in USB port charging system so all you need to do is plug into your laptop or phone and charge while on a hunt!

It is built with high power UV light and can last 4 hours quite comfortably. You can shoot 20000 airsoft tracer units without anything about the battery life. And if the battery is low in power, it will give you a red light signal so that you can recharge your battery.

What is the best airsoft tracer unit?

Among all the tracer units we have discussed, the ACETECH Lighter BT Airsoft Gun 14 mm/11 mm Pistol Tracer Unit/Chronograph Glow in Dark is the best airsoft tracer unit.

The high power and long battery life, and the rechargeable lipo battery are a few key features that made it top of our list.

How does an Airsoft Tracer Unit work?

An airsoft tracer unit works on one principle, that is to back-scatter UV light energy. The tracer module is contained within the BB and sticks out when you look at a side view of normal 5.56 or .12g ammunition BBs from above. This part contains the power LED and trace elements like zinc sulfide, sodium aluminum phosphate, etc.

With these trace elements inside, they will glow brilliantly under strong illumination by ultraviolet rays in sunlight or any other lamps capable of emitting UV lights; this means laser pointers as well. However some newer models use different trace elements which shine bright under an ordinary white light instead of being illuminated by ultraviolet rays.

What is tracer BB?

Tracers are simply BB’s with a pyrotechnic charge in them that, when fired from airsoft guns will emit a bright light.

Tracers were first created so that one could track and follow enemy rounds during night battles as well as to direct fire towards targets. Another popular use is to mark one’s position to comrades.

How do I choose the best airsoft tracer unit?

The quality of a battery will vary from one to another, and the resultant consequences can also vary. Airsoft tracer units can output varying levels of voltage even when on low power settings, so it’s important to know that a cheap battery is likely to die quicker than an expensive one.

Lifespan of battery

It’s also important to pay attention to the life span because some might only last for 7 hours while others may keep going for over 9-10 hours. You also need something that won’t deteriorate quickly and have good build quality so it lasts.


Durability depends kind of on the user- each type will be more durable in different ways bu t tracers are usually reliable in all kinds of conditions if they’re well-made and what you’re looking for is something to last not only in a battle, but also through the rough and tumble of regular airsoft skirmishes.

Free of imperfections

The build quality of these units is very important so you’ll want to choose one that’s lightweight aluminum because it’s TOUGH! Don’t get anything made from plastic or cheap metal, you’ll be disappointed.

Best airsoft Tracer BBs

Well, you need specialized bbs to use with units, right. And there are so many of them in the market right now. To discuss in detail of them and their key features, it would take another full blog post to do that. Instead we will tell you about only one tracer bb that you can and should use.

ACETECH Airsoft Gun Glow in Dark Tracer BBS (Green/Red)

The ACETECH Airsoft bbs Glow in Dark Tracer BBS are perfect for nighttime or low light conditions. Whether you want tracking, just admire the cool design, or need to find out where that spot is your hit but couldn’t really see where it went with the ACETech tracer series, these will do you right. At a size of 5.95 mm +/-0.01 inches and ability to glow green/red in different circumstances makes them great for all occasions!


As we have discussed different tracer units that works perfectly and their features, you should have a clear understanding which one is the best airsoft tracer unit. ACETECH Lighter BT Airsoft Gun 14 mm/11 mm Pistol Tracer is undoubtedly the best choice.

We hope this helps you decide. If you have more questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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