How Long To Charge Your Airsoft Battery? 2022

Charging your airsoft battery is a fairly simple process and can be done in several ways. However, it’s important to know how long you should charge your airsoft battery so that you don’t overcharge or undercharge them.

Overcharging batteries will shorten their lifespan and cause them to lose power quicker than they normally would while undercharging may not provide enough power for proper operation of the device which could lead to damage or injury if used at all.

We all know that airsoft is an expensive sport to get into so we want to give you the best possible advice for charging your batteries! This guide will help you find out how long you should charge your airsoft battery for!

The first thing we need to do is figure out what kind of charger are we going to use. It goes without saying that if at all possible, invest in a smart charger like this one here because they take most of the guesswork out when charging batteries. There are many other brands available though and they can cost as little as $20 or so which isn’t too bad considering their usefulness. If you cannot afford

Charging your airsoft battery is a fairly simple process and can be done in several ways. However, it’s important to know how long you should charge your battery so that you don’t over or undercharge them.

how long to charge your airsoft battery?

You need to charge your airsoft battery for at least 5 to 8 hours. To determine how many mA (milliamps) to supply per hour for your charger, divide the mA on the charge by the capacity of your battery in milliamp-hours (mA/mAh). For example, a 1500 mah battery will take about 5 hours with a 300 ma charger or 6 hours with a 250 ma charger.

How to charge your airsoft battery
How to charge your airsoft battery

Understanding Airsoft Batteries

There are two types of airsoft battery, NiMH and Li-Po.

A. NiMH batteries are basically nickel-metal-hydride, which is an older and cheaper type of battery that needs to be fully charged before it can be used

B. Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) batteries are the newer version on the market today – these have a higher voltage capacity than NiMH.

How To Know When Airsoft Battery is Charged

The easiest way to tell if your airsoft battery is charged is when the LED on it begins to light up. A solid green will signify that you have a fully charged battery and a flashing red will mean that it needs more charge. It’s important not to wait for your Li-Po battery to show signs of draining before charging it because this can lead them breaking quickly due to overcharging.

How To Charge Your Airsoft Battery Correctly

Before you plug the battery in, make sure that it has been discharged completely.

Turn on your airsoft gun and let it cycle for a few minutes to give the motor some time to cool down.

Plug in the charger to an electrical socket but before inserting the cable into your airsoft gun’s barrel connector, disconnect the power supply from its outlet first.

Carefully insert one end of the charging wire inside of your receiver port and then connect them both together so that they are coming out with fresh new charge which will last longer than 1000 rounds per second!

What is the Difference Between a Smart Charger and a Standard Charger?

A Smart Charger calculates the voltage and amperage your battery needs to charge.

It matches these specifications, then cuts off when it is fully charged so that you can get back out there with a fully functioning Airsoft gun!

What Do You Need To Consider When Buying an Airsoft Battery?

If you are looking for a long-lasting high capacity airsoft battery that will give you a steady rate of fire, consider buying one made by Sanyo or Maxell. If this isn’t in your budget, don’t worry because many standard batteries from brands like Duracell will still provide adequate performance while being much cheaper on average.


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