How to Remove Orange Tip From Airsoft Gun? Removal Process

Have you ever wanted to take the orange tip off your Airsoft gun? If so, this is the blog post for you. Find out how and why below. 

This takes a little bit of time, but it’s worth it in the end because after removing the orange tip there are many benefits that come with doing so. For example, you can make your airsoft gun look realistic (in some cases) or make modifications to the barrel without affecting its functionality.

Some people remove orange tip from airsoft guns, so they can paint over it or put something else on top for cosmetic reasons. Whatever the reason is, we’ve put together a list of how to remove orange tip from Airsoft guns.

What Is The Orange Tip On An Airsoft Gun?

The orange tip is a piece of plastic at the end of an Airsoft gun. The purpose is to make it look like a toy so that when people see one in public, they won’t worry about getting hurt by it (although you are not supposed to point them towards someone).

For this reason, there have been many regulations and laws passed on how these guns can be used. For instance, some states require all toy weapons to include visible warnings or markings identifying them as toys.

If your Airsoft gun has an orange tip, chances are high that if you remove it then “it’s no longer considered a toy.”

How To Remove The Orange Tip  From Airsoft Gun

there are a few ways to remove the orange tip from airsoft gun. The process depends on how the orange tip is affixed to the barrel. There are two types of attachment, permanent and temporary.

1) Screw (Temporary attachment)

If a screw is used to attach the orange tip, then all it takes is unscrewing and removing it from the muzzle.

To unscrew the orange tip from an airsoft gun, you can use a flat head screwdriver to loosen the screws. They are generally small and straight, so this shouldn’t be at all difficult. After loosening them just enough for the threads to start sifting away from each other, twist them off by pulling in opposite directions and then pull the barrel off with pliers without damaging anything else on your airsoft gun.

To save any screws that may still be useful (such as for future procedures), just put tape around their protruding parts if necessary and make sure they don’t become lost or misplaced during removal.

2) Glue (permanent attachment)

When trying to remove the orange tip from an airsoft gun, it may seem that removal of all these strips of glue is impossible. The first step in removing the orange tip is to soften up the glue by boiling some water and pouring it over the glued area. 

Be careful not to get the barrel too hot or it will permanently damage the plastic. The best way is to use a lighter and melt down the glue under carefully while moving the tip in circles around the inside of the barrel.

This should be done as close to where your hand is holding on to it but still at least an inch away from your fingers. A hair dryer might work as well if you’re gentle with it,  but it may be more difficult to hold.

The next step is to pull and twist the orange tip back and forth while pulling up at a slight angle, which should eventually loosen the glue enough so that you can slowly remove it with both hands gripping tightly onto it.

The risk of warping or even damaging some parts of it by accident.

Slowly melt enough glue so that there’s finally no more adhesive left for the bind down (or if preferred, you can just cut off one side). Again make sure there’s space between where

3) Color it with spray paint

If there is no other option available, or you can’t remove it in these 2 mentioned ways, you can color it.

This is how to remove orange tip from airsoft gun. If you are looking for other ways, then there is color it with spray paint. If not possible in the mentioned two methods, then go ahead and use this way as well. There will be a little bit of difference when compared to original but that can’t be helped if nothing else works!

Keep your eyes on what’s going around while doing the process or take off all attachments before removing the point. This should help prevent any damages or injuries caused by accidents like getting burnt by lighter fluid accidentally spilling onto hands etc. That could happen very often since these tools need careful handling.

You could always cover it up with paint. A stripe of black, dark, green, or deep brown would be perfect to hide the offending section.

If you don’t know how to remove the orange tip from an airsoft gun, at least color it so it doesn’t look like a toy. You can paint the orange tip with spray paint. Don’t use oil-based paints or enamel as these will ruin your gun’s finish.

How to remove orange tip from airsoft gun
How to remove orange tip from airsoft gun

Why is there an orange tip?

The orange tip on top of an airsoft gun is to differentiate it from the real fire arms.

In many countries, particularly those in Europe and other parts of Asia, airsoft guns are not in any way toy guns or imitation weapons. If you want to make guns that do not shoot real bullets, you need to be careful.

The police and other people might think they are real guns if the replica looks almost the same as the real one. There is also no need for an orange muzzle flash given a clear distinction unlike guns with barrels that shoot fire which emit smoke when fired.


Now that you know how to remove an orange tip, you can get back to enjoying your Airsoft gun. Remove the orange tip by using a knife or nail clippers and then apply paint remover with cotton swabs until it is completely removed. If all else fails, sand off any remaining residue from the area where the cap used to be (or use some sort of adhesive remover) before applying new paint or clear-coat on top.


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