What to Wear for Airsoft? A Comprehensive Guide (2022)

Airsoft is a fast-growing, competitive sport. The main goal of the game is to eliminate your opponents with plastic pellets fired from replica weapons. It’s very similar to paintball, but it can be played in many more environments and has different rules. This post will help you pick out what to wear for airsoft – here are some things that you should take into consideration!

Airsoft is a sport that requires players to wear different types of clothes and gear depending on the game type.

This guide will help you figure out what to wear for airsoft, how to dress appropriately for each game type, and some tips on what not to wear when playing!

You’ll be able to make sure you have all the right equipment before your next match with this comprehensive guide.

What to Wear for Airsoft

What to Wear for Airsoft
What to Wear for Airsoft

1) Long-sleeved T-shirt

The long-sleeved T-shirt is the most basic item of clothing in airsoft. It protects your arms from brambles, branches and bruises that you might get during a game. You can also wear it underneath a vest or shirt to add some protection for your torso!

It’s important to know when the game type is before you make any decisions about what to wear.

– For outdoor games in the summer, a long-sleeved T-shirt will give you some protection from insects and sun.

– When playing indoors or outdoors in winter, make sure to layer your clothes so that you have something warm when needed!

2) Pant

You may be tempted to wear long trousers for protection but if the game is in woodland areas you’ll need something a little more lightweight. A pair of cargo pants or combat/tactical uniform pants paired with knee pads are perfect for this type of terrain!

For newbies, jeans are the best option to start off with. They’re lightweight, comfortable and offer a good level of protection.

A belt is also recommended as it provides stability around your waistline while carrying equipment.

3) Goggles for airsoft

Goggles are a must for most game types but it’s important to get ones that fit your face. A good pair of goggles will protect the eyes, nose bridge and cheeks from the airsoft bbs. Remember – if your goggles fog up while playing, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

This is undoubtedly the most important thing you should wear in an airsoft game. Even if you don’t wear anything else, always wear goggles or any kinda eyewear to protect your eyes from getting hurt.

It’s important to know when the game type is before you make any decisions about what to wear.

4) Airsoft mask

An airsoft mask is the next most important piece of equipment and will protect your face from bbs. Airsoft masks can be found in two styles – full face or half face. We recommend a full-face mask for any game type as it offers more protection but this decision comes down to personal preference.

If the mask comes with eye protection, then, you wouldn’t need to spend your money on goggles.

The next thing we’re going to cover are some pieces of equipment you should bring with you when playing an airsoft game such as:

5) Airsoft Gloves

The gloves will protect your hands from getting burnt as you are holding the gun.

We recommend using gloves as they offer protection for your hands and fingers from bbs, branches, or small rocks that might be in the terrain of a game location. The only time we would not recommend wearing gloves is when it’s cold outside since having them on can make things worse. When playing airsoft, wear these if possible so you don’t have to worry about what could happen while shooting at people with your friends!

Airsoft players typically use some type of glove to help protect their hand when firing a rifle such as an M16 or AK47. There are many different types and brands available ranging anywhere between $20 and $50.

Airsoft gloves will protect your hands and forearms from bbs while shooting. They can be both fingerless and full gloves depending on what you are comfortable with. The most important thing about airsoft gloves is being comfortable with that so you can pull the trigger on your gun.

In a sport that requires quick reflexes and constant movement, the right choice of clothes can mean the difference between taking out an opponent or getting taken out. There are three main pieces of clothing you’ll need: gloves, pants, and a jacket. Let’s go over each one in detail!

Airsofters use these to grip their guns better as well as protect their fingers from being injured by any sharp edges on them. Not all gloves offer protection so make sure when selecting yours they’re made with materials such as Kevlar or leather which will do just fine against most common accidents while not compromising your ability to shoot effectively at opponents!

6) Airsoft Helmet

An airsoft helmet is a must-have item for any game. It can shield your head from bbs and protect you if an accident happens such as falling off of something or running into another player. You’ll be able to find helmets that are made specifically for different games, so take the time to research what kind of game it would suit best for what’s needed.

Choosing the right helmet, face mask and goggles combination is a challenging thing. If your helmet also covers your face, then you don’t need any facemask. If it allows, a half face mask, then choose the mask accordingly.

We will suggest, first choose the helmet, then the face mask, and then choose the goggles.

7) Knee Pads

Knee pads are usually worn as padding for the knees, but they can also be used to protect your arms and elbows from damage. Kneepads will help you get a better grip on where you’re walking onto so that it doesn’t slip or fall away from what’s underneath of it. You’ll find these knee pads in many colors and shapes, with some having hard plastic inserts while others have foam inside them allowing for more breathability.

These could come in handy when traversing an area such as a swampy field which would make things much easier then just fighting through mud, plants and water all day long without any protection whatsoever!

If you choose not to wear kneepads than please take into consideration how slippery the ground may be. Sometimes the ground can take a few hours to get used to, so always wear shoes that have grips on them!

8) Airsoft Boots

Airsoft boots are what you will need to protect your feet and ankles from hurting long term. They have padding on the inside so that they don’t rub against the skin, causing blisters or other issues when in airsoft battles for hours at a time! If you’re not wearing these, then please be sure to wear some kind of shoes with good grips on them. Because sometimes it can take a few hours before your soles adapt to how slippery the ground is.

What should you bring in the airsoft fields?

Things you should not forget are your ID card (if it’s required), goggles or sunglasses for protection of eyes from dirt kicked up by other players, face mask if needed because some fields have dusty air, an extra set of clothes in case the game gets more intense than expected, knee pads so that your knees can be protected when kneeling on ground often during gameplay time.


We hope this guide has been helpful and informative in deciding what to wear for airsoft. The key is being prepared for the weather, your style preferences, and how you like to play. There are many different outfits that can work on any given day depending on the specific situation at hand- stay tuned for more articles about airsoft gear!

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